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hi there,

I had some very good news last week. I have received an invitation to be the guest artist for a rather well known exhibit next summer. All expenses paid. That is a première for me, and a pleasant one.

I have been checking out the list of guest photographers that have passed in the previous years of this very same exhibit. … some well known names, some great artists, some who I esteem way above my league. Then doubts started coming up … is my work up to this level, will I not be blown away by the other participants (selected by jurors and curated by someone known in the field of art photography) … It struck me rather hard, to be honest.

Take a deep breath, listen to my wife’s saying ‘you have been asked to be the guest photographer, so what are you still worrying about’ … I guess she’s right, so let’s go, … I enrolled in a mentorship program that starts next week. I had confirmed to this before this invitation came in. To be honest I had no real item to work on, till now. I will use this program to fine-tune my work, discuss my work, discuss the selection of images that will be exposed, maybe prepare a book that will go with the exhibit, … exciting times to come, I will keep you updated.

More great news came in this week, when the organizers of the ‘fashion nudes’ contest run by Normal Magazine (France) contacted me to send them the high resolution files of the images I sent in for the contest. This means I got selected in the pre-selection, and my work will be printed for the final jury. Jippiieeeee!!

One of the images I entered for the contest:


• girl with an attitude •

I shot myself – Exhibit contest selection

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My image ‘I shot myself’ has been selected for display in the upcoming exhibit from darkroomgallery (Vermont USA).

Theme of the exhibit will be ‘mirror mirror’, a call for images was launched earlier this year.

The images for the exhibit were selected by Amy Arbus, daughter of the famous Diane Arbus.

I’m all proud 🙂


More information and the rest of the selected images can be found here: Mirror-Mirror

Good news today – Tzipac Eros photography contest

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I received confirmation that seven of my thirteen entries in the Tzipac Eros award 2014 have been accepted for stage two judgement.

I have entered images from different shoots in 2 categories: Erotic/provocative and Fine Art.

Garden of Eden, not yet published here, is one of the selected images.

Final results of this contest to be expected end of august, I will certainly keep you informed about it.

More info on the contest organisation here:


Black and White – publishing announcement

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This was in my mailbox today, actually I already forgot that I’ve sent in some images.


Congratulations! Your entry in the BLACK & WHITE Single Image Contest 2014 has been selected for a Single Image Award, which means that one (or more) of your images will be published in the Special Issue #101 of BLACK & WHITE magazine scheduled to arrive on newsstands mid-December. You can be confident your work stood out in a way that deserved this special attention. Once again, congratulations!


All of us at BLACK & WHITE Magazine


Now you can (as well as I, because they haven’t told me which image was selected) guess which image will be published:

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 16.49.48

from top left to Bottom right:

Casa Battlo, which won an award earlier in the french contest ‘Grand Prix de la decouverte 2012’

Eline Growing Wings, currently on display in the exhibit in Ronse


Queen of sheba, which was earlier in the final selection for the contest ‘Skin – The Darkroom Gallery’

Cook, from the series of professions I started a while ago

Urgent message, an image from my short Paris visit, when I went to the official result presentation for the ‘Grand Prix de la decouverte 2012’.

I’ll bring you more news as soon as I get some.

everybody at the newsstand mid december 😉



Queen of Sheba: Honorable mention.

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The image has been awarded an ‘Honorable Mention’. Out of almost 500 images, 5 received this title.

It will be digitally sent to the Gallery in Vermont USA, it will be printed by their services and exhibited in the upcoming SKIN exhibition.

for people interested in visiting the Gallery:


12 Main St.

Essex Jct., VT 05452-3132

Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00-4:00 and by appt.

(802) 777-FOTO (3686)

My picture ‘Queen of Sheba’ (don’t ask me where I got the name from, it just came to me like that) has been selected for the exhibit contest ‘SKIN’ by The Darkroom Gallery in Vermont USA.

Allen Birnbach, famous fine art nude photographer himself, and juror of the ‘SKIN’ contest found my work to be good enough to be in the final selection for the exhibit.

Now try to find out how I get my printed work to Vermont. Anybody going on a trip to Vermont in the next few weeks?

about the image, it was taken on dec. 30 2012, in one of the locations I use for my beauty shoots.

It features a nude woman, besides from the shoes she’s wearing behind a thick velvet curtain. Her body shape is clearly defined, but it show’s no recognizable details. The prolongation of the head shape made me think of some kind of queen with a headpiece.

Image details: Canon 5D mark II, Canon EF 24 mm f1.4 II, ISO 200 – f1.4 – 1/125 sec.

Charlemagne-art_Queen of Sheba-1200FB

thank you for looking,

for the website of mr. Birnbach, Juror of the exhibition contest: www.birnbachfigureworks.com

I have some beauty shoots planned in the near future, so see you again soon.

take care,



Personal Pictures

I’m so excited.
Last month I participated in the “International Fine Arts Photographic Award” – Grand prix de la Découverte and Yesterday I got this message from the Jury:

We are pleased to let you know that your work has been accepted into the final jury round. Congratulations! The overall quality and creativity of the submitted work was outstanding, and, to be selected into this final round is a tribute to your talent as a fine art photographer.

I submitted 10 images over different categories. Three of them came out of my series ‘walking the dog’. A series of long shutter speed images I make whilst walking my dog.

Up do the finals, keep your fingers crossed. At least I will. 😀

Next to that, I also want to announce that I had a splendid model shoot yesterday. We used the old villa from a previous post as a setting, and had plenty of possibilities, great light and atmosphere. My model for the morning was Lien, again someone who never posed before. She did absolutely wonderful. Give me some time to develop, and I’ll post them soon here!!

Thank you for reading.
Have a nice day!