Born 1970 Zwevegem, Belgium
Group exhibits:
2024 – Waasland meets Zinkae (Sint Niklaas)
2023 – Zinkae Inbetween (Sint Denijs Westrem)
2022 – Teachers outthere (Gent)
2022 – Zinkae fotofest (Gent)
2021 – Lens op de Mens (Pelt)
2021 – Zinkae Inbetween (Sint Denijs Westrem)
2021 – Zinkae fotofest (Gent)
2019 – Leo Baekeland Fototentoonstelling (Gent)
2019 – Zinkae Inbetween (Sint Denijs Westrem)
2018 – Zinkae fotofest (Gent)
2017 – Ronse Photo Club 50th Anniversary event (Ronse)
2016 – Gafodi 50th Anniversary Photo Event (Gavere)
2016 – Madammen in Damme – (Damme)
2014 – Contemporary arts Flanders – BNP-Fortis (Kortrijk)
2014 – Portfolio Exhibition KISP (Gent)
2013 – Kunst omhulst in Villa 99 (Ronse)
2012 – Kwaremontse Kunstkring (Ronse)
2012 – WAK (Ronse)
2011 – WAK (Ronse)
2009 – (Ant)ARCTIC matters (Brugge)
Solo exhibits:
2019 – Ronse – personal studio exhibit
2018 – Godshuis – Sint Laureins
2017 – Ronse – personal studio exhibit
2016 – Godshuis – Sint Laureins
2015 – Gafodi – Gavere
2012 – Delta Lloyd bank – Ieper
2012 – Pinehouse – Ronse
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500px account
Model Mayhem account
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13 thoughts on “Bio

    1. Thank you, as I work not often in a studio, these are rather rare. I’ll try to include some set-up information on my natural beauty shoots soon. At this moment, I make money from photography with my corporate clients ( and with teaching. This blog is mostly free work, and I want to keep it that way for a while. Free in meaning I can do whatever I want, without having to respond to a customer’s point of view on things. It happens I get asked for this kind of work, and of course I will not refuse. Mostly customers that ask for it are very much ok with my style 😉

      1. I totally understand keeping at least some of your work free from outside influences. I do mostly outdoor work, but would like to try my hand with some of the types of work you do in the studio and on location. I really like your mansion shoots. What a great location!

    1. Hi thank you for your help, but no thanks. I have been selling images only to known customers as artistic work, never online, and apparently my customers do find me. I do believe in a slow paced evolution towards artistic excellency and fame … so no worries, and thank you for the complement on my work.

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