Eros was in the studio – the sequel

erotic, Nude, studio

With Sahri I always have a good time, she’s gained full confidence, we always have a good laugh during the sessions and most often the results are very good. We met again a couple of weeks ago (see my previous post) and did a couple of different things. This series made me remind of an earlier session we had done, titled ‘eros was in the studio’, hence the title of this post. Less slippery than the previous set, and in a slightly different light setup (just trying to work with different approaches every time) but still very intimate.

I hope you like them, I thought Wednesday was a good day for a mid-week pause 😉

it has been a while, the previous set of ‘Eros was in the studio’, you’ll need to scroll down quite a lot to find them, so under the images I’ll post a link to the original series.

Hope you liked them, if so, here’s the link to the previous set: eros was in the studio – NSFW please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Thanks!

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