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This was in my mailbox today, actually I already forgot that I’ve sent in some images.


Congratulations! Your entry in the BLACK & WHITE Single Image Contest 2014 has been selected for a Single Image Award, which means that one (or more) of your images will be published in the Special Issue #101 of BLACK & WHITE magazine scheduled to arrive on newsstands mid-December. You can be confident your work stood out in a way that deserved this special attention. Once again, congratulations!


All of us at BLACK & WHITE Magazine


Now you can (as well as I, because they haven’t told me which image was selected) guess which image will be published:

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 16.49.48

from top left to Bottom right:

Casa Battlo, which won an award earlier in the french contest ‘Grand Prix de la decouverte 2012’

Eline Growing Wings, currently on display in the exhibit in Ronse


Queen of sheba, which was earlier in the final selection for the contest ‘Skin – The Darkroom Gallery’

Cook, from the series of professions I started a while ago

Urgent message, an image from my short Paris visit, when I went to the official result presentation for the ‘Grand Prix de la decouverte 2012’.

I’ll bring you more news as soon as I get some.

everybody at the newsstand mid december 😉