Lady Madonna – I think I made a new fine image

beauty, location, Nude

• Lady Madonna •

shot today in a remote castle in Tournai, Belgium,

lots of thanks to the owner of the place, and to my model of course.

sometimes all falls into place and beauty is the result of it.


Model and make up: Eva Evian

styling and photography: Ludwig Desmet

shot on Canon 5Ds with Canon 135mm f2 – ISO 200 f2.8 1/250s

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Intimacy on stage

Analog, beauty, Nude, Personal Pictures

After the ‘movement on stage’, we concluded the session with some more intimate moments. I have photographed digitally as well as analog, on medium format Yashica 635 with Kodak TMax 100 film.

ludwigdesmet_PM_theatre 6415 ludwigdesmet_PM_theatre 6447 ludwigdesmet_PM_theatre 6457 ludwigdesmet_PM_theatre_-3 ludwigdesmet_PM_theatre_-4

ludwigdesmet-PM-Renaix-004-2WM ludwigdesmet-PM-Renaix-005-2WM ludwigdesmet-PM-Renaix-007-2WM


Thank you Pauline, for being my model.

make up: Hanna

Hair & assistance: Nathalie


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My body is my temple – nsfw

Nude, Personal Pictures

She hesitated to agree with publishing this image, but she did. Thank you Jane. It was a pleasure to work with you, and you expressed gratitude to what we achieved together. I’m glad I could bring you confidence.


Jane, my body is my temple …


© ludwig desmet

Canon 5D mark II with Sigma 50mm f1.4 DG A

1/30s f2.0 ISO100

White – NSFW

beauty, Nude, Personal Pictures

as promised.

This image has an even more zen-look to it I think. The expression and the eyes closed make this image a witness to the models well being at that moment. Thank you Elisa, for being my model that day.

As I said yesterday, this image is taken at the exact same spot as the previous one. That is why I love working with available light, it gives you so much possibilities in a single space, …




Technical details: Canon 100mm f2.8 macro L IS at f2.8, 1/30s, ISO 160

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