Thank you!

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Thank you,

I hope that everybody is fine and in good health,
thank you to my public, thank you to my audience, loyal followers and fans of my personal work.

2020 was not an easy year, with Covid measures that have made it largely impossible to photograph people outside the bubble of one’s own family. In the meantime, when regulations were a little less strict, I was able to schedule a number of sessions, both personal work and private sessions, and that was good, I experienced a lot of pleasure doing them, because photographing people is and will remain my favourite activity.

The Covid Lockdown also has had a positive effect. During the first lockdown I rolled up my sleeves and built a separate room for a studio within an outbuilding in my garden. The studio is now ready for use, 4.5mx 8m and 3m high, one side black, the other side white, offering a ton of possibilities. A cozy wood-burning stove has also been installed so that the space can be used in both summer and winter.

My private clients, from fine art prints and private photo sessions, as well as my commercial clients, for product and architectural photography, make it possible to continue financially. Thank you again for that.

Of course I look forward to the opportunity to have more contacts again, I would love to put workshops back on my schedule and I also get a lot of demand for this, but I do not really see possibilities at the moment. Time will tell whether this will be possible again soon. For those who are interested in this, please be patient until then.

please don’t hesitate to comment and share your thoughts trough any channel, instagram, facebook, my blog or email …



Ava playing Solitaire

beauty, Personal Pictures

Ava playing solitaire at the chateau.



Hair and assistance: Nathalie
Model and make up: Ava
Photography: Ludwig Desmet

Canon 5Ds with Canon 24mm f1.4 L II – 1/8s  f3.5  ISO100

available as limited edition print, for info:

Intimacy on stage

Analog, beauty, Nude, Personal Pictures

After the ‘movement on stage’, we concluded the session with some more intimate moments. I have photographed digitally as well as analog, on medium format Yashica 635 with Kodak TMax 100 film.

ludwigdesmet_PM_theatre 6415 ludwigdesmet_PM_theatre 6447 ludwigdesmet_PM_theatre 6457 ludwigdesmet_PM_theatre_-3 ludwigdesmet_PM_theatre_-4

ludwigdesmet-PM-Renaix-004-2WM ludwigdesmet-PM-Renaix-005-2WM ludwigdesmet-PM-Renaix-007-2WM


Thank you Pauline, for being my model.

make up: Hanna

Hair & assistance: Nathalie


thank you for watching,