fireworks 2012

Personal Pictures

Bommels 2012, Ronse has its carnival on the 2nd monday of the year officially, but actually the saturday before is the main attraction, with the fireworks and all.
Last year we (me and my sons) almost got frozen, we waited for 1 1/2 hour in the cold and didn’t see fireworks, because the organization messed a bit up, and fireworks were delayed by about two hours.
This year they were well on schedule, and we saw a magnificent spectacle. I chose to view the fireworks from a distance, up in the hills surrounding Ronse. My best shots: – click for bigger view –

took them on a tripod, cable release and Bulb exposure mode. This allows for vibration-free shooting, and a controlled amount of firework burst in your shots. All images with 135mm f2 @ f9.0 and ISO 100.