85/85 day 8 – 14

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So I’ve successfully finished the first week, and almost forgot to make a picture today 😉
Some might have taken a look at the Exif data and noticed that the hour was not correct, well actually my camera is still in summertime, and we’re using wintertime now. I choose to show the correct time instead of camera time.

Day 8 – 2012 01 06 – 17:33 h. – ISO 125 – f2.0 – 1/25sec
I had taken my dog for a model, (didn’t like it though, he wanted to take on his daily walk and was too nervous to sit still) and whilst processing the images, the sky colors dramatically changed into a very nice color gradient, which I couldn’t leave unphotographed.
As a coincidence, the neighbor just got home when I grabbed my camera and got near the window. I had just the time for one shot before the car lights went out. Here it is:

You’ll certainly see the dog in a later post or update in this project when I lack subjects again. Expect another image tomorrow.

Day 9 – 2012 01 07 – 14:26 h. – ISO 125 – f2.2 – 1/800sec
I was in Oudenaarde this afternoon and I just wanted to do a quick snap of the 16th century town hall for today. Unfortunately there’s an ugly covered ice rink installed just in front, so here’s a quite unusual angle of this magnificent building, showing some of the detail that has been put into it. We had a bright and sunny afternoon, this is the shaded side, but indirectly lit by the buildings behind me. The light fixtures look a bit awkward, sorry for that, not my fault.

Day 10 – 2012 01 08 – 18:32 h. – ISO 1250 – f1.8 – 1/30sec
I only got the opportunity to take a picture today on my walk with the dog. After sunset already, so pitch-black sky, no moon showing up (full moon today). Promised you to show my dog, the day before yesterday. At the end of the walk, he’s mostly willing to pose. I had to push the ISO quite a bit, to make a handheld shot possible. 1/30th of a second, but possible with a steady hand. Hope you like my dog (the shot is something else). He’s an 8 years old sheltie or shetland sheepdog, and a real cutie. His name is Balou, we adopted him good two years ago. Horrible color shift due to the streetlamps, but I kept it in deliberately, because otherwise the balou lost all color too.

Day 11 – 2012 01 09 – 14:02 h. – ISO 125 – f2.5 – 1/200sec
Very busy day at the office today, lot’s of job to be tackled. Just took a moment off to get some pictures in the garden. A shortcoming of the 85 mm is that the minimal focus distance is about 85 cm, which is a little long for close-up photography. This little dehydrated apple wants to fall into the empty, but the stalk won’t let loose, …

Day 12 – 2012 01 10 – 08:34 h. – ISO 500 – f4.5 – 1/80sec
One day late with publishing today, sorry for the inconvenience 😉
I have had a very busy day yesterday. A business meeting in the morning that took a little longer than foreseen, and an unexpected shoot in the afternoon (model had cancelled, but I found another model in extremis, two hours before the shoot). In-between I had to finish my bundle of projects for evening classes. In the evening the evening classes, and this morning, when I loaded the images from yesterday’s shoot, I had an unexpected ” DISK FULL ” message. :O Some strange sky I photographed in the morning. Just about 200 m from my house.

Day 13 – 2012 01 11 – 16:50 h. – ISO 125 – f2.8 – 1/60sec
As a photographer you always will see your own pictures treated last. I’m so happy that at last I found time to do a selection on my 2011 summer holiday pictures, and ordered a photo book. It fell in the mailbox today. I just noticed that I didn’t get an entirely sharp shot here, too excited to look trough the book probably.

Day 14 – 2012 01 12 – 16:25 h. – ISO 100 – f2.5 – 1/80sec
A quick shot while I was waiting in line on the bridge at the end of my street. Opened the passenger window to take this one. This is the train line going to Oudenaarde. Kinda liked the ‘windows’ showing the track and train.

with this one I finished my 2nd week 🙂
Sometimes it’s hard to make an image, but it forces me to go out and photograph, and that is definitely a good thing.

thanks for reading.


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