85/85 day 1-7

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Day 1 – 2011 12 30 – 09:01 h. – ISO 100 – f9.0 – 1/200sec
At last some sun in the morning, after an entire week of ‘flat grey’ sky. View from my attic window, eastward.

Day 2 – 2011 12 31 – 16:36 h. – ISO 400 – f4.5 – 1/60sec
During my walk with the dog, I try to spot interesting subjects. Yesterday I saw this window, no interior light, only a christmas tree. Rather dark outside already, so I had to push ISO a bit, to get a stable shot. I still wanted some depth of field, so I slightly closed aperture, to f4.5

Day 3 – 2012 01 01 – 13:22 – ISO 1600 – f2.0 – 1/100sec
Difficult light situation on our new years pizza party. cold light coming from outside, warm light inside. I took this shot of my wife during aperitif time. I wanted to shoot without flash, so I pushed ISO to 1600. Thanks to the 5D II this is not really a problem. I almost always use manual focusing, so also on this one. I have to say that this is barely possible with the standard focusing screen and wide apertures, so I switched to the Eg screen on my 5D.

Day 4 – 2012 01 02 – 10:00 – ISO 200 – f1.8 – 1/80sec
Wide open for this morning shot of the rose (brier?) in our garden. We have exceptional warm weather, but very wet for this winter.

Day 5 – 2012 01 03 – 14:21 – ISO 200 – f1.8 – 1/500sec
Been to Paris yesterday, for a yearly meeting with Dr. Valenti from San Diego, Eye therapy specialist. We had our appointment at 16:30 but we left early at home to do some sightseeing in Paris. Though I’ve been to Paris many times, I’ve never noticed this footbridge before. It’s called the ‘passerelle des arts’, an both its railings are filled with ‘luck lock’s’, some with only names on them, some with a message on them, … literally thousands of small locks fixed to either side. The kids were quite astonished, me too. In the background you can see the ‘Institut de France’.

Day 6 – 2012 01 04 – 17:43 – ISO 2000 – f3.2 – 1/50sec
Today I was in the Mercator Museum in St-Niklaas. With my Renderhouse activities, I have a big assignment for them, making 4 3D-animations for their upcoming Mercator Digitaal 2012 exhibition. I needed some more input on the animations, and a little more information on the original 1541 Mercator earthglobe, one of the main pieces of the museum. I had my camera with me to get some visual reference material. Very difficult lighting conditions (old documents, sensitive to deteriorations when exposed to bright light) so I had to push ISO to 2000. I closed the aperture a little to get some more DOF for sharpness.

Day 7 – 2012 01 05 – 14:10 – ISO 50 – f16 – 1/30sec
The theme of the day was wind. We had a very stormy day, with wind gusts upto 100 km/h (about 65 miles/h) and some damage here and there. I was off to a client all day, and took my camera with me on the road. I wanted to capture some of the movement of the turbine blades, so I took a low iso setting and longer shutter speed, I took this picture from within my car, but I had a very hard time to get a stable shot with a longer shutter speed, because the car was constantly moving with the wind.

This also is my last edit of this first week of the 85/85 project. Next image will be in a new blogpost.
See you soon.