85/85 in daily life project


Hi there,

I think the best way to develop my skills as a photographer is to throw myself into some project from time to time. I have been busy for about a month now with the professions project, which still runs by the way, but I thought I could easily add another one.
I found some inspiration in Bert Stephani’s 50/50 project, but I thought I could do better, … just kidding.
I have bought a secondhand EF 85mm 1.8 Canon Lens now 4 months ago, and I like it better and better, it is not expensive, for a fast, high quality piece of glass, it is light, it has fast AF, it is fairly sharp wide open, … plenty of nice things to say about, so I decided for a ‘one picture a day’ project, with this lens. I will do this for 85 days, starting from tod… no from yesterday, as actually yesterday I saw some beautifully colored clouds, for the first time in about a week we had a sunny morning. So this project is up and running, and will run till march 23rd. (Help)
I will group these images in weekly posts, so expect updates in the existing posts every day, and one new post per week.
Don’t expect the images to be high-class art or very elaborately constructed imagery. Daily life, things I notice, things that please me, can be on assignments or in the chicken shed, …

off we go, thanks for reading, hope you enjoy following this project.

Ps. expect first two images tonight, one I still have to make, one I took yesterday, but now off for some last minute new-years-eve shopping 🙂