Nude (In)cognito – the exhibit

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hi folks,

last weekend seemed like a roller coaster of happenings and emotions.

last friday evening, I’ve built up the exhibit for my ‘end of studies’ project Nude (In)cognito.

Saturday morning I had my Jury presentation at 9:30. The jury was rather severe, and focused mainly at the weaknesses of the project/the selection/the presentation.

That’s the best thing they can do, show you the possible points of attention, but it left me full of doubts and questions. Had I not worked 5 months within the idea of presenting a very good body of work?

After that we had a funeral to attend to, unfortunately. Very strong emotions of sadness and helplessness. A very good friends grandchild died after being born prematurely, and a short life of only 8 weeks. Tears and deep deep sorrow.

Saturday evening came the reception, where I had the opportunity to speak to some of the jurors, and already better rumors came my way. (about my work presented) This helped me understand the questioning I had had early that morning. A glass of sparkling bubbles and a fine meal afterwards, and then off to bed.

Sunday, at about 10 am the exhibit opened, and we literally had to search for an escape route at midday, to get some food in between. An overwhelming amount of people have come to visit the exhibition. Rightfully, absolutely. I think there were about 23 students who presented their work. I have seen a lot of beautiful work, and I’ve met a lot of enthusiastic people, both photographers and visitors.

I would like to thank all the people who have attended the exhibit, thank you for your warm reactions, your attentions and the good talks.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the exhibit. I enjoyed it for sure. Literally broken yesterday evening, but happy after all.

I’ll include a picture of my part of the exhibit, and I will probably post some more detailed ‘making of’ articles on the different shoots I did for this project.

For all those interested in posing nude, I’m rather sure that I will continue this project, so please do contact me if you feel like taking part in this.

thank you,



My Nude (In)cognito project – NSFW

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My project nude (In)cognito is running to an end now. In about a month we will have a group exhibition with all portfolio projects from end module students in the photography classes at KISP.

I have photographed 11 women in a studio session, and there’s one to come. Overall I’m really happy with the outcome. I have had women from the age of 22 and women aged +50.

I have been charmed with their motivations and their fears, I have listened carefully to what they thought about posing nude, how they feel about showing their body to the outside world, and how the personal situation is playing a big role in their decision to take part in the project or not to do it. And I am even more convinced than before that we do not live in a free society. I would like to thank all the persons that have responded to my request. It has been quite a gift to receive so many reactions, I’m sure this project will not see its immediate end after the exhibit. There’s so many people out there to be photographed.


The date for the exhibit is set at sunday Jan 19th, and the exhibit will take part at CC Meulestede in Ghent.

I yet have to decide on the presentation of the images, the video and the book. I will certainly make a book for the exhibit to be able to show some more work. I will most certainly not be able to show enough pictures to have every model represented, so a book will give me the opportunity to have all ‘models’ presented at the exhibit.

My photography is becoming -me-

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Just a quick post this early morning, but one I feel like I need to share.

I had an interesting discussion yesterday, with a mom of a class mate of my youngest son.

She saw a huge panorama print hanging on the wall in our living room, and was overwhelmed with the beauty of it (says the humble me 😉 )

We were discussing about my work, and I told her I have my work currently exposed in a beautiful interior and furniture warehouse (

I was talking also about the upcoming exhibition, and about the fact that the new exhibition will feature only beauty portraits, not landscapes.

In the discussion, while talking about the different subjects I have tackled so far, it became suddenly clear to me that although the subjects can be totally different, the images are always an expression of the same -me- .

Be it a landscape, a still life, a beauty portrait or something else, I think I’m starting to get a common denominator in my photography and that is – the way I see things – . I am touched by the beauty of a misty forest, a wandering gaze in the eyes of a model, or a fascinating detail in the urban environment we are living in. I am by far not a landscape photographer pur sang, I am not a fashion photographer by far, or an architectural photographer, but I start to express myself in a personal way.

I have wondered for a while now which subject appeals to me the most, well I still can’t decide on that, but it won’t matter as much anymore. I’ll probably keep photographing different subjects all the way, and find beauty in all of them. One of my great inspirations is Jean-Loup Sieff, probably because of his wide portfolio of subjects, and hey! they quite match my preferences.










Upcoming exhibition at The Mansion

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you will probably all have noticed that I have been working a lot in the house I named ‘The Mansion’

I have the incredible opportunity to exhibit some of my works soon, at the exact location were they were taken.

Come see the best of images taken at The Mansion in the exhibit “Kunst omhulst in Villa 99” at The Mansion, Ronse – Belgium.

Vernissage october 4th, more details soon. Anyone interested in receiving an official invitation, pls contact me.



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I am currently taking part in a group exhibition with the ‘Kwaremontse kunstkring’, a group of artists working with a varied range of media: Aquarel, oil on canvas, ceramics, jewelry, glass art, and myself as a photographer.
This time I’m presenting a more artistic selection of my work, where as in the ‘WAK’ exhibition, I have mainly presented landscape photography.

here are some pictures of the current and the past exhibition.
You are still very welcome to visit the exhibit. It runs till june 3rd, and is open every wednesday saturday and sunday afternoon, from 2 pm till 6 pm.


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For those interested in seeing my work printed:
I’m all excited about two group exhibitions in which I will take part in the next few weeks.

First is part of the ‘Amateur artists week’, opening this friday at 20:00 h. I will be showing some nice landscape works (4) and one environmental model portrait, all in large format prints (up to 220×57 cm!) The exhibition will be open on saturday, sunday and wednesday-afternoon from 14:00 – 18:00h , from this saturday28/04 till next week sunday)

Next exhibition is the ‘Kwaremontse Kunstkring annual exhibition’, with a local group of artists, presenting a wide variety of genres. There I will show more artistic works (5) and one portrait, also in large format. This exhibition opens on 19/05 at 20:00 h and will be open till 03/06.

Both exhibitions take place in ‘Oude Brouwerij’ Priestersstraat in Ronse.

You are of course very welcome to visit both these exhibitions. I will not always be present, but if you give me a call, we can meet. 😉 . If you can make it to one of the openings, there will be a drink and a little bite.