exhibition, Personal Pictures

For those interested in seeing my work printed:
I’m all excited about two group exhibitions in which I will take part in the next few weeks.

First is part of the ‘Amateur artists week’, opening this friday at 20:00 h. I will be showing some nice landscape works (4) and one environmental model portrait, all in large format prints (up to 220×57 cm!) The exhibition will be open on saturday, sunday and wednesday-afternoon from 14:00 – 18:00h , from this saturday28/04 till next week sunday)

Next exhibition is the ‘Kwaremontse Kunstkring annual exhibition’, with a local group of artists, presenting a wide variety of genres. There I will show more artistic works (5) and one portrait, also in large format. This exhibition opens on 19/05 at 20:00 h and will be open till 03/06.

Both exhibitions take place in ‘Oude Brouwerij’ Priestersstraat in Ronse.

You are of course very welcome to visit both these exhibitions. I will not always be present, but if you give me a call, we can meet. 😉 . If you can make it to one of the openings, there will be a drink and a little bite.