Summary video: Workshop – Available light portrait photography.

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A short summary about a workshop I did last year.
I finally found the time to make a short clip from the footage that was shot during the workshop.
You’ll see in this video:

A short briefing round, where I explain some different lighting situations
A behind the scene’s montage from the participants at work
Some resulting images from the workshop.

The Video!

Some images:

Gafodi workshop BTSHappy viewing,


2 thoughts on “Summary video: Workshop – Available light portrait photography.

  1. I have watched your workshop video twice. I much enjoyed it. Your manner and demeanor with your workshop attendees and models is perfect. It is evident that both models and attendees are relaxed and enjoying the workshop. As an English speaking person, I did not understand the dialog, but still managed to learn.

    Excellent all around.

  2. Thank you Cal, I think it was a nice moment for all those involved. I feel at ease with teaching (I should, as it is part of my job) and the participants were eager to learn. The models have been treated and taken care of very well. I’m sorry if you could not figure out all of what I said, a subtitled DVD is not yet available 😉 . Best, and keep on enjoying photography.

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