Analog on the attic

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Hi there,

I have been developing some negatives from last summer lately.

First a series of images I took in a dark attic, on a dusk day. Ideal conditions for film-work with an antique camera. (Not!)

Hard to focus, hard to get shutter speeds high enough for hand held shooting. I worked with a 400ISO film and had to push it two stops (underexpose when exposing, then get a ‘pushed development’ in developing the film) to get a shutter speed of 1/15th of a second. I’m not really very fond of the exposures, because I think they lack grey tones. The images are very contrasty and full of grain.

All images Rolleiflex 3.5 75mm on Kodak TMax400 film.

ludwigdesmet_EC_Argentiques-002WM ludwigdesmet_EC_Argentiques-003WM ludwigdesmet_EC_Argentiques-004WM ludwigdesmet_EC_Argentiques-006WM

Come again soon.


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