Sofie at the orphanage

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The orphanage, it’s been a long time since I photographed there. I had no access to the Mansion that day, and the orphanage proved a welcome alternative.

It might not be as fancy or beautiful as The Mansion, it has character and atmosphere by millions, …

I met Sofie at a good friends wedding party early september, and asked her if she would like to be a model in one of my shoots. Mostly this question comes with some hesitation and fear. I might be the dirty old man, looking for some secret fantasies to come true. :p

After a week or so I got an email message that confirmed her interest, and that in fact it had been her husband that pushed her into this. He had been looking trough my images (on this blog-site) and found them to be beautiful and respectful. We met some weeks later. Sofie is not a model in the strict sense of the word, she never posed before, and was somewhat intimidated by the event. But she did very well, she managed to look straight into the camera with an expression of confidence and self awareness, and she had no problems following my posing instructions. I would call her a natural beauty.

Thank you Sofie, for your patience and thrust!

I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures.

ludwigdesmet-SofieP- ludwigdesmet-SofieP-2-2 ludwigdesmet-SofieP-2 ludwigdesmet-SofieP-1706 ludwigdesmet-SofieP-1772 ludwigdesmet-SofieP-1801 ludwigdesmet-SofieP-1908 ludwigdesmet-SofieP-1951 ludwigdesmet-SofieP-1983 ludwigdesmet-SofieP-2006 ludwigdesmet-SofieP-2007


Come again soon,



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  1. Dag Ludwig,

    Ik heb nog geen tijd gehad om je te bedanken voor het aanleveren van extra foto’s. Bij deze super bedankt. Ook onderstaande tekst vind ik goed opgemaakt.

    Zoals Sofie al zei, we zullen je zeker nog contacteren om foto’s te laten ontwikkelen (misschien 2015) maar geen zekerheid.

    Tot …,

    Steven Op 4-nov.-2014, om 19:44 heeft ludwigdesmet het volgende geschreven:

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