Architectural photography classes


Not another beauty this week, something different today.

Well, after a long holiday, the architectural photography classes I teach have started again. I have a limited group of students this time, and it feels very good working closely with all of them to get them interested in the subject of architectural photography, and to teach them different ways of looking at architecture, as well as teach them the different competences needed. The classes exist in theory classes, handling subjects like perspective, depth of field, metering light, framing and composition, presenting the work of existing architectural photographers, etc, … and practice classes, where we head to an outdoor location for an entire night of architectural photography practice. We have been doing two locations so far, both in Ghent (Belgium). We photographed the historical court building and the new court building, very contrasting architecture, but we also photographed them with a different focus in mind. Old court building was to be presented in its surroundings, at the new court building the students had to focus on light and lighting. (plus reflection and transparency)

Some pictures of the old one, new one will follow later this week.


Historical court building of Ghent, constructed 1836-1846 in neoclassic style, architect: Louis Roelandt


LudwigDesmet-Oud GG-

LudwigDesmet-Oud GG-1703

LudwigDesmet-Oud GG-1707

LudwigDesmet-Oud GG-1711

LudwigDesmet-Oud GG-1731

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