Eline at the mansion

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Hi all,

I’m continuing my series ‘at the Mansion shoots’ for I still am able to use the Mansion as a shooting location. I hope this will last some more time. Another big thank you to the owners of the house.

As you all know, the mansion is being restored and updated to modern standards. This means the house is changing about every week. Some two weeks ago we had this room completely packed in thin plastic foil, to prevent the woodwork from any damage during the plaster renovations.

About Eline, we met trough Facebook. She had seen my moodboard in my call for models and was very happy she could get a shoot with me. We never met before, never spoken etc. … During a short ‘warming up break’ we were talking about her studies and my professional career and about my wife studying again, and guess what, … after a few moments we found out that her mom is in the same class my wife is in!!! No need to tell that the atmosphere got even better after that.

I think Eline is really beautiful, she’s got a strong facial expression, long wavy hair and a tall, slim body. As a photographer I couldn’t wish for nothing else. She’s easily ‘posable’ and she took a lot of pleasure in dancing with the plastic foil at the end. Thank you Eline for this pleasant shoot!

About the shoot. It was very dark that day, but I still wanted to shoot only natural light. I had a trigrip reflector with me, but we only used it on the first part of the shoot (with the lace curtains) I love to work in different places of the house, to create some different looks in every shoot. All images shot on Canon 5D II with my Canon lenses.

I hope you like the pictures, come back again soon, as I have some more shoots to publish! thank you for watching, thank you for reading. All images click’able. 😉













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