Adinda model – post processing

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I have done a short session with model Adinda, and wanted to show you some postprocessing examples of the images that came out.
With the transition to digital photography, digital postprocessing took the role of the earlier darkroom techniques, plus they allow for a lot more creative impact from the photographers side.
The images from Adinda were good, but nothing really special. I took the liberty to experiment in Lightroom, to make them into something more spicey. RAW files let you edit the original exposure data to a great extend, without too much quality loss.
I changed the white balance to a cooler image, with green tinting added in the white balance settings. The exposure went up about 1,5 stops, then I pushed the blacks to keep the contrast. Some minor adjustments to vibrance, contrast and brightness and this is the result.
For comparison, I also show the original files. For you to decide what you like the best.

click for bigger size!