Backlight beauty


not so mad anymore as in the previous session – backlit from a big north facing window.

Ludwig Desmet -5316 Ludwig Desmet -5317 Ludwig Desmet -5321


one big window, I opened it for more light. Model is sitting on the edge of the window, facing the inside of the room

Again I used my huge styrofoam board reflector, at the left size, as close to the center axis as possible, just not blocking my sight.

I pushed the exposure in Lightroom, and painted the background to get it fully white (initially I had light color stains in the background) and to wash out a bit of the saturation. i added some extra clarity in the hairs and on the eyes/mouth.

tegenlicht in raam

thank you for watching,

More of these? just ask 🙂


2 thoughts on “Backlight beauty

  1. Yes: more of your work; and yes: more teaching examples, such as the layout.

    Thanks very much for sharing your work and expertise!

    Cal K.

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