2 thoughts on “Pauline

  1. Your photographs of Mlle. Pauline are all exquisite. I feel some shame seeing her nude. It is real emotion that I feel, and it is a testament to your photos, and her beauty. I rarely feel this way, and I feel I probably shouldn’t share it with anyone. I am compelled to, because your photos express an ideal image of a woman which resides deep in my mind. They are so perfectly appropriate in black and white. I just wanted to thank both of you for her photos. I have a great respect for both of you. Mlle. Pauline was very brave to pose for you, and you captured her in a classic and respectful way.

    1. dear Dillan, thank you for your honest and intimate reaction. What you have expressed in your words, is exactly what I have meant to be in these images. Pauline is at the same time strong and vulnerable in the same person, and it is with the biggest respect that I honour her courage to come to me and to expose herself, not only physically, but also emotionally. I love to work with her, and it would be my wish to have her in front of my camera again in the future. I was very happy to hear the she too was very satisfied with the results, and that is my biggest reward. Thank you.

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