Sara at The Mansion

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Hello there,

Another shoot at The Mansion to show.

Sara seemed a bit stressed when she arrived. She has some experience with shoots, but my kind of shoots is a bit different than others, because:

1. I work alone (no assistants, no make up artists)

2. In a strange environment (no studio setup but an empty house)

3. They get to me for a rather intimate kind of shoot (they all respond to a moodboard where some nudity and a lot of sensuality is shown.

Nevertheless, we got a good shoot, Sara got cold in the end, and thats visible in the goosebumps appearing on her arms and legs. Luckily she didn’t get a cold afterwards.

As usual, we worked throughout the  entire house, ground level, first level and the attic. On the attic, the plastering from the ceiling has been knocked off, and now the wind is blowing freely under the roof. For some pictures I installed an off camera flash to lighten up a bit the entire scene, because circumstances were really not good (too little light) and I got too many risk for unsharp images.

good viewing! All images can be enlarged by clicking them.



charlemagne-art-Sara-2117 charlemagne-art-Sara-2151 charlemagne-art-Sara-2170 charlemagne-art-Sara-2199 charlemagne-art-Sara-2240 charlemagne-art-Sara-2259 charlemagne-art-Sara-2268 charlemagne-art-Sara-2274 charlemagne-art-Sara-2280 charlemagne-art-Sara-2333 charlemagne-art-Sara-2371 charlemagne-art-Sara-2410

5 thoughts on “Sara at The Mansion

    1. Hi jdt, thank you for your comment.
      I have initially started doing portrait and model photography to enhance my social skills, which were rather poor at that time.
      Your comment tells me I’ve improved since.

      1. That is great to hear as I am sure it can be raher daunting for you as the photographer and for the model. By the way the work is terrific and I look forward to more intersting and informative posts. Have a great weekend! regards, J

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