Isabelle & Laurent

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I have been able to join Hung Tran as a second shooter on his latest wedding shoot. He encourages young (me, ahum ) and dynamic (me again 🙂 ahum ) photographers to try to join an established wedding photographer whenever possible, to learn the inside tricks hands-on. I contacted him and have had the opportunity to shoot with him last saturday. As a second shooter you don’t get paid, except in experience. It has been a very fruitful day to me, with lots of things happening, fantastic weather, a great looking couple and a playful atmosphere.

What I’ve learnt especially is that the difference between a good wedding photographer, and a great wedding photographer lies not in his technical skills, but rather in his social abilities. The way Hung handles his audience was a big eye-opener to me. I’ve got a lot to learn.

Thank you Hung, thank you Isabelle and Laurent!

Enjoy this selection of a very inspiring day! – click images to see a bigger version –