home studio shoot

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I did a shoot today, in our attic studio room.
All images exept last one are taken with my new 85mm f1.8.
I bought this lens two days ago, secondhand.
Studio setup:

first image: flash above model (approx 2.5 m – 6 ft) I made a snoot with radiator insulator foil.

Other images: single flash, at the right side, trough 105 cm transp white umbrella, a small styrofoam board at the left side, to lighten up the shadows a bit. (this could have been a bit more, I had a hard time getting enough light there)

It is quite difficult to focus in a dark studio, but I had to cover the windows entirely because there was some sun entering at intervals. Luckily you can work with a small aperture.
Background black has been enhanced a little, because I had some structure coming trough.

I hope you like the images! A big thank you to my willing model and wife Nathalie!