Low Key selfportrait

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I had to make a selfportrait today for an article in the Dutch online magazine EOSZINE.

after some web-surfing, I stumbled on this youtube video: about low key portraits anywhere.

Basic principles are: fast as possible shutter, and small aperture will get the environment black. The flash will light up the subject (me). Since I have not really finished my Studio, I thought I’d give it a try.

This picture was taken with my ‘old’ EOS 450D and the 50mm f1.8

Setup: flash just left of me, trough umbrella 105cm, 580EX II flash at 1/8th power, manual mode. Triggered with Cactus V5 transmitter.

Camera: 1/250th f9.0 ISO200

(actually the camera doesn’t sync at 1/250, it has a max sync speed of 1/200 but the black band is hidden in the black backround on the left side)