I was born 1970 in Flanders, the dutch speaking region of Belgium.
I’m married to Nathalie, originally from the french speaking region of Belgium. Together we have two sons, Martin(17) and Eliot (15)

I am teaching photography at KISP – Ghent – Belgium.

I’m mostly interested in making personal artistic work: beauty photography, landscape photography and other things that appeal to me. This blog started as being quite divers in subjects. As I am evolving more towards the feminine subject, it might show more beauty work than before. There will also be some nudity and erotical arousal in some of the pictures. If any, I try to make it as tastefully as possible, my main goal being to invite you to look at women in the way I do.

Group exhibits:

2009 – (Ant)ARCTIC matters – Brugge

2011 – WAK – Ronse

2012 – WAK – Ronse

2012 – Kwaremontse Kunstkring – Ronse

2013 – Kunst omhulst in Villa 99 – Ronse

2014 – Portfolio Exhibition KISP – Gent

2014 – Contemporary arts Flanders – BNP-Fortis – Kortrijk

2016 – Madammen in Damme – Damme (april 30th – May 16th 2016)

2016 – Gafodi 50th Anniversary Photo Event (May 3rd – June 20th 2016)

2017 – Ronse Photo Club 50th Anniversary event (May 12 – 28 2017)

Solo exhibits:

2012 – Pinehouse – Ronse

2012 – Delta Lloyd bank – Ieper

2015 – Gafodi – Gavere

2016 – Godshuis – Sint Laureins

2017 – Ronse – personal studio exhibit



Other web presence:

Facebook page

500px account

Model Mayhem account

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13 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you, as I work not often in a studio, these are rather rare. I’ll try to include some set-up information on my natural beauty shoots soon. At this moment, I make money from photography with my corporate clients (www.renderhouse.eu) and with teaching. This blog is mostly free work, and I want to keep it that way for a while. Free in meaning I can do whatever I want, without having to respond to a customer’s point of view on things. It happens I get asked for this kind of work, and of course I will not refuse. Mostly customers that ask for it are very much ok with my style 😉

      1. I totally understand keeping at least some of your work free from outside influences. I do mostly outdoor work, but would like to try my hand with some of the types of work you do in the studio and on location. I really like your mansion shoots. What a great location!

    1. Hi thank you for your help, but no thanks. I have been selling images only to known customers as artistic work, never online, and apparently my customers do find me. I do believe in a slow paced evolution towards artistic excellency and fame … so no worries, and thank you for the complement on my work.

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