shoot Esmée

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About 6 weeks ago I was asked by the mama of Esmée if I could do a shoot with her. We had to re-schedule two times, first because Esmée got ill, second because Esmée fell on her lip and got a big blue bruise. Two weeks ago we managed to get Esmée in good shape for her first photoshoot. My youngest model to date, but one of a kind. We worked together for about two hours, and she loved it, mam and dad too 😀

For light setup I mainly worked with available light and my diy reflector panel and later in the evening a Lastolite 70 cm softbox with my Canon EX580 flash. My two preferred lenses for this kind of work are the 85 mm and the 135 mm, all shots done with these two lenses.

please enjoy a small selection of the afternoon. Click images to view larger version.

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Model Sharon – herfst

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In an attempt to get warm after the interior shoot (posing in lingerie in a non-heated building these days is not really cosy and comfortable) we got into the car with the heater on max. and drove to muziekbos, Ronse. There we did these exterior shoots. some different clothing sets, and after a while we got lucky and grabbed some sun-rays. Sharon got cold again at the end. 🙁

first set of three is done with my self made reflector, all the others are available light only. Oh, and the entire shoot was shot with Canon 85 mm 1.8. A very good lens for this purpose, and not really expensive.

Please enjoy this selection. Click to see full size.

Model Sharon

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two weeks ago I did a shoot with Sharon Vandenabeele, from Ronse. She is very much into modeling, and we worked trough a whole series of settings, clothes and locations. Fun working with a model who knows about posing like she did. A selection of the things we did inside, I’ll post the images we did outside in a while. Hope you like them.

Click image to view full size.

Model Kim

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It is always nice to have a good looking model in front of your lens. When ‘en plus’ she is very easy posing, natural, feeling comfortable and joyful, a photographer couldn’t wish for more. I’m happy to present you some images from a shoot last sunday morning. We had planned an outdoor shoot, but the weather didn’t join in, so we decided otherwise. This is what I would call ‘A short portfolio session’. We worked for about one hour and a half, and only in one location.

Please enjoy, click images to view full size.

A short make-up session, …

… and ready to go.

home studio shoot

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I did a shoot today, in our attic studio room.
All images exept last one are taken with my new 85mm f1.8.
I bought this lens two days ago, secondhand.
Studio setup:

first image: flash above model (approx 2.5 m – 6 ft) I made a snoot with radiator insulator foil.

Other images: single flash, at the right side, trough 105 cm transp white umbrella, a small styrofoam board at the left side, to lighten up the shadows a bit. (this could have been a bit more, I had a hard time getting enough light there)

It is quite difficult to focus in a dark studio, but I had to cover the windows entirely because there was some sun entering at intervals. Luckily you can work with a small aperture.
Background black has been enhanced a little, because I had some structure coming trough.

I hope you like the images! A big thank you to my willing model and wife Nathalie!