Nude Studio Setup – the curtain

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Hi there,

another week, and another studio setup to share.

This image was a lot different from all the other images in my portfolio project. I have used it as the center image in my presentation, since it was mainly white, while all other images had a black background base. It also expressed very well the doubts and hesitations of my model about presenting herself nude to the outside world.


I had a white cotton cloth with a fine woven structure fixed to the ceiling for this image.

My model positioned behind the cloth, just barely touching it, but really close to the cloth so the combined shadow areas from two soft boxes overlapped and created some small area’s were no backlight could reach. These non lit areas allowed some facial features to become visible. It required some work on the position of the body and the pose to get things right, but I think this image well shows the potential of this setup.

Two soft boxes at equal power output, aimed straight at the model (no crosslight like you would use to lit a background). The light bounced back from the cloth is just strong enough to reveal the facial features in the shaded areas. Really simple.

Portfolio studio setup3

the image was taken with a Canon 5D II and a Canon 50 mm f1.4.

Hope You’ve learnt something, I’ve got some more setups to go.

see you soon,


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    1. sorry the file has gone, I couldn’t find it anymore on my harddrive either, if you need help, I would gladly explain further.

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